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Welcome to The Wilkinson Agency, your trusted partner in securing your family’s future. At The
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About Triston Wilkinson, Independent Insurance Broker

Triston Wilkinson, a devoted husband and father, cherishes family above all. With a loving wife,Shazz, and an adorable daughter named Nallah, Triston’s dedication to protecting what matters

most extends far beyond his professional expertise. With two years of marriage bliss and celebrating the joyous arrival of Nallah a year ago, Triston understands the profound importance of securing your family’s future.

This personal connection fuels his passion as an independent insurance broker, where he’s committed to treating every client as part of his extended family.

Triston’s ethos revolves around putting the customer first. As an independent broker, he is unwavering in his allegiance to the client’s needs. His promise is to go above and beyond, leveraging his expertise to ensure each customer is meticulously protected.

About The Wilkinson Agency

The Wilkinson Agency, spearheaded by Triston Wilkinson, stands as a beacon of trust and expertise in the insurance industry. With a dedicated focus on providing tailored solutions, we strive to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Services

Insurance Options: Choose Life! Choose Wilkinson!

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides essential financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing. At The Wilkinson Agency, we offer a range of life insurance options tailored to suit your needs. From term life coverage providing financial security for specific periods to whole life plans ensuring long-term stability and legacy, we guide you in choosing the ideal coverage. Our final expense policies, with guaranteed acceptance for ages 50+, offer peace of mind without medical exams. With our expertise, safeguard your family's future and secure their financial stability.

Retirement Solutions

Planning for retirement is crucial, and at The Wilkinson Agency, we specialize in crafting retirement solutions that ensure financial stability during your golden years. Our Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance and Annuities offer a dual advantage: protecting your wealth and generating income you cannot outlive. With IUL's tax-deferred cash value growth tied to market indexes and Annuities' guaranteed income streams, we pave the way for a wealthy retirement. Let us guide you in building a secure financial future beyond your working years.

Legal/ID Protection

Shielding yourself and your assets from legal issues and identity theft is paramount in today's world. At The Wilkinson Agency, we provide specialized protection plans in legal and identity theft protection. Our offerings, including LegalShield and Identity Shield, ensure that you have comprehensive coverage. LegalShield offers legal assistance and consultation, while Identity Shield safeguards your identity, giving you peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Protect yourself against potential risks and mitigate the impact of unforeseen circumstances with our tailored protective measures.

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